Prosperity through knowledge.

Empowering 1.3 billion Indians through Digital financial literacy.

About us

Prosperfit is democratizing prosperity, by making 1.3 billion Indians financially savvy.

We are the country's #1 Digital financial literacy platform and our goal is to provide individuals the Clarity and Power to make smart financial choices, through vernacular financial content and behavioural tools.

Prosperfit's technology platform intersects behavioural economics, machine learning, and content-based nudge; to help users build good money habits and achieve their financial goals faster.






Technology enabled Social impact.

Skilling and employability building for Youth.

Providing clarity, confidence & aptitude for setting financially prudent foundation for future.

Women empowerment & entrepreneurship development.

Providing knowledge and guidance for financial independence and earning sustainable livelihood.

Making Blue-collared workforce financially less-fragile.

Providing awareness on various employment benefits, Govt. schemes and tools for building good financial habits.

Financially equipping Farmers & protecting from economic shocks.

Providing awareness and ‘How to’ knowledge of crop & other insurance, Kisaan credit card and other Govt. Schemes & subsidies.

Helping Small businesses financially flourish.

Providing awareness of various Govt. schemes, along with the working knowledge of financial management, accounts, marketing, and other skills for running & growing small businesses.

Features & benefits

Financial empowerment, digitally.